Get available events



Retrieve all the events available for the account

Query parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
tokenUUID String Unique api token used for each request. Required

Example Request

Response body

Parameter name Value Description
eventID String The unique identifier for the event.
eventName String The name for the event.
eventDesc String The description of the event.
eventType String The type of the event.
eventAttr JSON object Object describing all of the attributes available for each event.

Example Response

                               "event":    {
                                  "eventID": "",
                                  "eventName": "Redirect",
                                  "eventDesc": "Redirect to Coffee Beans store",
                                  "eventType": "Click",
                                  "eventAttr":       [
                                        "attrID": "xxx",
                                        "attrName": "Coffee store name."
                                        "attrID": "xxx",
                                        "attrName": "Product code"
                                        "attrID": "xxx",
                                        "attrName": "Product value"
                               "status": "200"

To use this api you must have an account together with an api key. Please contact us for further information.