Search subscriber record



Search for an existing subscriber record

Query parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
tokenUUID String Unique api token used for each request. Required
subscriberUUID String Identified user value. Required

Example Request

Response body

Parameter name Value Description
subscriberTitle String The title for the subscriber.
subscriberFirstname String The firstname for the subscriber.
subscriberLastname String The lastname for the subscriber.
subscriberEmailaddress String The emailaddress for the subscriber.
subscriberTelephone String The telephone number for the subscriber.
subscriberJobRole String The job role for the subscriber.
subscriberProfileID String The profile ID for the subscriber.
subscriberTagID JSON object Object describing all of the tags added and available for a subscriber.
status String The http status code for the reponse.

Example Response

                                   "subscriber":    {
                                      "subscriberTitle": "",
                                      "subscriberFirstname": "",
                                      "subscriberLastname": "",
                                      "subscriberEmailaddress": "",
                                      "subscriberTelephone": "",
                                      "subscriberMobile": "",
                                      "subscriberJobRole": "",
                                      "subscriberProfileID": "xxx",
                                      "subscriberProfileName": "Sign Up",
                                      "tag":       [
                                            "tagID": "xxx",
                                            "tagName": "Newsletter",
                                            "opt": true
                                            "tagID": "xxx",
                                            "tagName": "Events",
                                            "opt": true
                                            "tagID": "xxx",
                                            "tagName": "Promotions",
                                            "opt": true
                                      "subscriberStatus": "active"
                                   "status": "200"

To use this api you must have an account together with an api key. Please contact us for further information.